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 Dinengdeng Dinengdeng is an Ilocano recipe.

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Ginataang isda

Ginataang isda


 Ginataang isda Ginataang isda or fish cooked with coconut milk, vinegar, peppercorn, ginger and optional with chilli pepper, very simple and easy to cook , […]

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Lechon Paksiw

Lechon paksiw – Lutong pinoy


 Lechon Paksiw Lechon paksiw using a leftover Lechon and Lechon sauce, cooked like adobo with vinegar, soy sauce and bay leaf . It can stay preserve for few days. It […]

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Pancakes with Blueberries


 Pancakes – Blueberries Pancakes for Pancake day or Pancake Tuesday. Pancakes tuesday is normally celebrated the day before Ash Wednesday.  

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rellenong bangus

Rellenong Bangus – stuffed bangus


  Rellenong Bangus Rellenong bangus or stuffed bangus, very testy Filipino main dish,  

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Separate meat from skin - rellenong bangus

Separate Bangus (Milkfish) meat from its skin – rellenong bangus


 Separate Bangus meat from  its skin – Rellenong bangus Separate bangus meat from its skin is the first step in making rellenong bangus. Learn this video […]

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Coleslaw using basic ingredients.

Coleslaw – Basic ingredients


 Coleslaw Coleslaw using basic ingredients, you can add different ingredients like carrots, apple or pineapple. Coleslaw using basic ingredients can be added to your recipes […]

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Pork adobo,

Pork Adobo – Filipino traditional food

Serves: 6

Time: 1:30

Difficulty: medium


 Adobo (Traditional Pork Adobo) “ADOBO” Traditional Pork adobo the simple and basic way of cooking Pork Adobo and using basic ingredients . You can add more ingredients or make it spicy . […]

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Bistek tagalog ot steak cooked with soy suce

Bistek Tagalog


  Bistek Tagalog (Filipino Beef steak) Bistek Tagalog or Beef steak cooked with soy sauce and lemon juice.

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meat tenderizer

How to tenderize meat


Posted: January 18, 2016


 Tenderize meat tips and instruction How to tenderize meat using meat cleaver or Meat tenderizer. There are  recipes that meat needs to tenderize like Bestik […]

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