Separate meat from skin - rellenong bangus

Separate meat from skin - rellenong bangus

Separate Bangus (Milkfish) meat from its skin – rellenong bangus

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Separate Bangus meat from  its skin – Rellenong bangus

Separate bangus meat from its skin is the first step in making rellenong bangus. Learn this video first before start to make Rellenong bangus.


  • 1 Large Bangus or Milkfish 600g -700g


  • Rolling pin
  • Scissors
  • Spoon


  1. Clean the fish, de-scales by scraping the scales , then remove the gills, but be careful not to damage the skin, and slowly separate the guts from the stomach and rinse with cold water to make it clean
  2. Using rolling pen gently pound the fish to loosen the meat from the skin. Break the spine at the nape or just below the head and near tail. Then gently pull out the large bone while slowly pushing up the tail to turn the skin inside out. Remove much flesh as possible.
  3. Then return the skin back to right position


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